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Messiah J & The Expert/Olympic Lifts/Bernie Fingers

November 7, 2008

Messiah J & The Expert/Olympic Lifts/Bernie Fingers

If you were anywhere near Belfast City Centre on this cold windy Friday evening, you won’t have been able to avoid the sound of Bernie Fingers demonstrating an amazing display of turntable tracks and mixes outside Auntie Annie’s Porterhouse, making passers-by forget the drudgery of another horrible stormy weekend ahead. This was all in support to MJ&TE’s return to Belfast. Before that however Olympic Lifts had to do what they do best, and proceeded to bring the party.

The haphazard nature of OL’s approach to performances is what brings the people to their shows. We know the tunes are great, but when you mix it in with the fun that beams through their smiles on stage then you can’t help but find yourself feeling a strong part of it, which makes even the most stony faced punter smile throughout.

Messiah J & the Expert hit the stage shortly after, and you can tell by the look in their eyes they’re used to much bigger venues than this, all of them full of adoring die-hard fans. They take the intimate surroundings of Auntie Annies to their hearts though, apologising for not playing Belfast in 5 years. They bring out the tunes we know and the ones we’ll fall in love with. ‘Superfamous Supertune’ provokes outbursts from the crowd of some of the worst breakdancing I’ve ever seen, but it all ties in with the atmosphere of the night. Fun had by all, and lets hope there’s a 2nd coming for the Messiah.

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