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September 9, 2010

Di Di Mau now has a shop! Until now you’ve only been able to get your hands on a lot of Di Di Mau products through download only or from the band themselves, when they play your town/city/hamlet/village. So we at Di Di Mau thought it was time to make things easier and let you buy directly from the website too! Have a wee browse and remember “you break you buy!” only kidding, that would be silly. Have fun and keep checking back as there are more products to be added very shortly, such as brand new A Plastic Rose before the end of the year and new Dutch Schultz in early 2011.

*Note to uk online and physical retail stores/distributors – All future Di Di Mau singles will continue to be available worldwide to download from your usual sites, and all future Di Di MAu albums will continue to be exclusively available from all good UK record stores and worldwide downloads through Shellshock. The Di Di Mau shop will mainly be fore the harder to find things such as vynyl, physical singles and T-Shirts, that our distributor doesn’t service…

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