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SXSW and a sad loss to the scene.

January 21, 2011

So just found out Di Di Mau are heading to SXSW in the Americas. It’s amazing running a label because you work with (and pay money to – there’s a lot of that) people who you never meet, except once a year at conferences like this. So it’ll be good to meet up with the faces behind the emails and chat about how we can take Di Di Mau and its bands further in 2011/2012 (yes we’re already thinking about 2012 – to be honest we’re thinking and planning 2020!) So if you’re heading to Texas be sure to get in touch, I’d love to meet you for a coffee/beer and discuss how we can all move forward together.

As with every bit of good news, it comes hand in hand with sad news. Former Di Di Mau signings The Good Fight have announced they will split after their gig supporting A Plastic Rose at the Mandela Hall in Belfast on January 27th. Sad times for the Northern Irish music scene, and for everyone who worked so hard to get their music heard over the last 2 years. There’s still some copies of their split 7″ left at the Di Di Mau shop so be sure to pick up a copy before you have nothing left to remember them by.

see you at the Mandela hall on Thursday!


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