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Beware the quiet band

March 11, 2013

So all has been extremely quiet over at Di Di Mau central, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot happening behind the scenes.

A Plastic Rose are about to release the first radio single off the their album ‘Camera.Shutter.Life.’. The powerful ‘All You Know & Love Will Die’ hits your radio on March 18th, so be sure to request it wherever you are. It’s already been getting amazing support from BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1 in the UK, with a few more radio stations playing it next week. We’re also finalising a video, which will be available for you to see this week so keep checking back here. Ian from A Plastic Rose came up with the concept, and it’s a bit difficult to explain here, but all will make sense we promise. 

Summer festival plans are taking shape, and we should hopefully have some announcements very soon for the entire UK, including a big bash in Belfast which should be loads of fun. 

In the mean time follow the band on Twitter for updates and check the website for tour date announcements. 

Laters x

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