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Ireland’s In The Stream

December 16, 2014

A Plastic Rose 'Flickering Light Of An Inner War'

A Plastic Rose surprised the world this week when they shock-released their new album ‘Flickering Light Of An Inner War” exclusively on streaming site Spotify. That is to say they made the conscious decision to release an album that you will not be able to buy either on iTunes, in any online shops or in high street stores on the same year as release*. Surprisingly this was entirely the bands decision and maybe even more surprisingly had the full backing of their labels Di Di Mau and Third Bar. Understandably in the run up to its release there were more questions than support behind the scenes, mainly from distributors and PR companies who at first couldn’t understand that the band seriously wanted to give their entire album away – “no one has ever actually requested for their album not to be sold”.

So what was the thinking behind releasing an album exclusively on a streaming site, virtually guaranteeing to generate as little income as possible from an album that saw so much effort put in. After much discussion the doubters eventually relented that there’s no real reason not to do this. Just because something’s never been done before doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea. Let’s be honest here no one really knows how the playing field is leveling out, and is it so crazy to think that letting as many people hear your music as possible is a bad idea? There must have been a time before music became an industry with people realising they could make some quick cash from music, and when was the tipping point where the music industry started to capture our imaginations more than the artists themselves? Musicians make music to be heard –  so have a listen on Spotify, stream and stream again for free if you like, and if you like the album head over to the Pledge Music page or buy a ticket to the gig to show your appreciation and support.

While you’re in the mood check out a few other acts we at Di Di Mau recommend: Robyn G Shiels won the Northern Ireland Music Prize in 2014 for his album ‘The Blood Of The Innocents’, and VerseChorusVerse recorded a quite excellent album with Jake Bugg producer Iain Archer (an excellent songwriter in his own right). Remember it’s you that will change the fate of the struggling artist by clicking a ‘like’, ‘save’, ‘follow’ or ‘pledge’ button, and don’t believe anyone when they tell you this is not the way it’s done, because they haven’t figured it out yet themselves.

*Album available to pre order exclusively on Vinyl for 2015 here

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